Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Doodle a Redhead

Some days, you sit at the drawing table and you decide you're gonna do this "Awesome Piece!"... and all you do is crap worthy of toilet paper. Then some other days you're bored and pick up a pen that just kinda happened to be there, and you doodle something while thinking of life, death or what you're gonna have for lunch tomorrow... And then that doodle you didn't give a rat's ass about turns out to be kinda cool. So you spend more time on it and then in the end you're happy and you don't care about life and death or tomorrow's lunch anymore.

ps: tomorrow is the Aspen Christmas party. We're going gambling! yeepee.

Monday, November 07, 2005

My Belly Button #2

I would post Halloween pics but sometimes my parents check my blog. I have been debating on going to the hair-dresser or not lately. Keep it short? Grow it back? Why is life so damn complicated.......sigh.

For those of you across the globe, I will be seeing you in Paris this Christmas. I would apreciate it if the city wasn't on fire anymore.

See ya'


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Belly Button #1

Based on a true story... As promised, here is the second episode of "My belly Button; because my world does revolve around it."
Hope you like it ;)


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Say hello to my little friend...

Yes. I've wanted it and wanted it and dreamt about it and fantasized about it and cried over it and drooled over it and had tantrums and.... ok you got the picture. Now I've been driving it and I love it more than ever. Coop is the ultimate accessory. We'll be a team for a loooooong time. Honk to say hello. Truck drivers do.

Woopdeedoo beyaaaaaaaatch.


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Aspen Pin Up 2

So here's Aspen M. as a sexy beyaaaaatch. Tomorrow I will bring both illustrations to the studio. It'll be up to them to choose whichever they prefer.
On a side note, I am starting yet another new job tomorrow. This time in animation... Not sure how it's gonna go. I am kind of reevaluating my options these days (sigh).

Keep posted for more later... I'm gonna play Myst III: Exile followed by a session of Sex and the City Season 6 part 2.


Lizard Cooper

Aspen Pin Up 1

So Aspen Comics has asked me to draw something to be printed in one of their next issues. They gave me one page... "a pin up page" as we call'em. The assignment was for me to draw Aspen Matthews, the main protagonist of their main series "Fathom", after whom the company was named. This is what I came up with yesterday. But as I was coloring it, I thought they might want something a bit... sexier. They don't call it a Pin Up page for nothing after all.

(To be continued in the next post...)


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rocker Girl

Hey... It's been a while. A looot has happened. This summer has been a lot of fun. Trips, friends coming and going from all over the world, job searching, job finding, job quitting... Now it's september, I"m working part time at Aspen again as well as doing production work for an animation studio and freelancing for Comic Box in France. Fun stuff.
I had promised myself I would keep on drawing when I got back to California but my social life has kept me too busy :) . Now that things have gone back to regular routine life, I have no more excuses. Here's a page from my sketchbook I just doodled. Just a little warm up exercise. It's getting late though and I'm dead tired. On a side note... Melisa is drunk, chit chatting with me on msn. She's funny. Keep posted for the promised comic strips that I haven't gotten myself to actually do yet. It WILL happen. I'm not going to make other artists' schedules my whole life. Someday, someone will be making MY schedule. Good luck to him/her...

Rocker Lizard

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Iggy, Hector and Goliath

I would like you to meet my best friends here in Florence. Iggy, Hector and Goliath are 3 iguanas that hang out in a pet store's front window down the street by my house. Every night when i come home from the gallery, I make a slight detour to go say hi to them. I usually stare at them for a few minutes... They're fascinating! Together we've gone through their skin change, bad moods caused by rainy days depriving us of our much needed body heat, and a terribly bad date that I lead to them in the hopes of making it more interesting...
I'll miss you a lot guys. I'll try and save one of your mexican brothers from the Pet Co and bring him back to my house... Hey it might be better to be free in the wilderness but if he's gonna be in a tiny cage at the pet store on sepulveda...he might as well be in a much bigger one at my place where i'll feed him all sorts of cool insects and pathetic lovers!


Monday, June 27, 2005

Francis' "sketch"

Thanks Francis... I don't know what I would have done without you this whole year. So corny but oh so true...


If I were a cartoon character...

.....Francis would be one too!

Hi everyone,
Here's a little strip I did about me and the great, the wonderful Francis. Next post is Francis's sketch on the same subject. On my defense, I would like to clarify that francis is a big time pro and has amazing talent. Anyways I think this first strip is going to be the first of a whole series I'll try to do. Pretty self centered since it's all going to revolve around... well... me. But hey! After trying to write a bunch of crazy stories with pirates, gipsies and talking iguanas... I find myself having the most fun, and being most inspired drawing the people around me. I'll keep the epic/romantic/adventure stories for a bigger project. In the meantime, hope you'll enjoy the strips!
Quick notes about me... I'll be home in 4 days. I'm both excited and frightened. Been to a flamenco dance show which was truly beautiful. So much passion in that dance... I wanna learn that too. Been sailing, packing, tanning, drawing, stealing music, cooking but mostly burning dinners, doing it, playing and spending too much money.
That's pretty much it these days...


Monday, June 13, 2005

Guess who round 2!

While you guess... I'm gonna go get ready for my hot date listening to that new Shakira song. Damn sexy...


Guess who...

Let's play a game... Try and guess who this is!



Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Excess Baggage

Florence, June 8th 2005.
Ok... that's it... I got my ticket back to LA. I'm flying on July 1st. The last 3 weeks in Italy look promising. Loads of fun in perspective. I'm working in an "old masters" specialized Art Gallery, curating my dad and uncle's exhibit there. Everyone's really cool. "Fiorentinis" are awesome... I have a beautiful little appartment by the river for the month. It'll go quick. I kind of wish I'd stay a bit longer here...
Switzerland was great too. I stayed in a billionaire's home with a full view of the Alps and the whole city and lake of Lugano. Serious chillaxing!!! The best part was the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit that opened there. They did a great job showing a wide variety of his work, from his early grafs to his collaborations with Warhol, and a great set of photographs of him shot by.... woops... can't remember. I'll have to check back on that. Damn ADD...;)
Anyways... gotta start worrying about the move back home... I'm very excited to see everyone and hang out. This summer is gonna be great! next stop... SAN DIEGO COMICON!!! Party time...excellent.
See ya'


Saturday, May 14, 2005

If I was a cartoon character...

...I'd totally hang with The Gorillaz!

What can I say... I love'em. They rock my world.
._wooooosh, hahahaha._.

Friday, May 13, 2005

If I was a cartoon character...

The Shire
Originally uploaded by Lezart.
...I'd spend my summer vacation in The Shire.

Hi! Finally got this thing to work... I'm in the middle of moving again. It's starting to get old. Leaving for Switzerland monday. Then I'm off to Florence where I'll be all through the month of June. After that, I'm coming home, ready to take on the summer after having suffered through the worst winter in Europe since 1972. It's on...