Saturday, July 08, 2006

Painting Numero Dos

I haven't posted here in forEVER! So let's see... This is my second painting that I just recently finished. I'm pretty happy with it. Hopefully I'll be doing more this summer.
I will be in Barcelona from August 10 to the 20. I can't wait!!! I really need to take off and party somewhere new... Besides that, I'm finally starting to enjoy my new job (not so new anymore), and SAn Diego Comicon is coming up! That'll be fun... Aurore is coming up this week for the summer. Oh! And I got this new studio all to myself in Brentwood... just behind Q's and Cabo Cantina, which does not help the party addiction... Oh well... I'm sure I'll deal with it just fine. Allright time to go get sassy and go rock Moonshadows.