Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rocker Girl

Hey... It's been a while. A looot has happened. This summer has been a lot of fun. Trips, friends coming and going from all over the world, job searching, job finding, job quitting... Now it's september, I"m working part time at Aspen again as well as doing production work for an animation studio and freelancing for Comic Box in France. Fun stuff.
I had promised myself I would keep on drawing when I got back to California but my social life has kept me too busy :) . Now that things have gone back to regular routine life, I have no more excuses. Here's a page from my sketchbook I just doodled. Just a little warm up exercise. It's getting late though and I'm dead tired. On a side note... Melisa is drunk, chit chatting with me on msn. She's funny. Keep posted for the promised comic strips that I haven't gotten myself to actually do yet. It WILL happen. I'm not going to make other artists' schedules my whole life. Someday, someone will be making MY schedule. Good luck to him/her...

Rocker Lizard