Monday, October 16, 2006


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Today I'm in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Yeah... not too fancy I know. There's some kind of weird festival involving bird watching and sausage barbequeing in the middle of nowhere, so all the hotels are booked (go figure). I found this little out of this world bed and breakfast. It's a big house in the Italian Countryside style. And it's AWESOME. It's so romantic yet scary at the same time because... again... Crawfordsville = middle of absolutely nowhere. It's raining big time and the wind is blowing like crazy. The owner is quite charming and brought me a glass of wine and cheese and grapes. I have a bathtub with lion feet and high ceilings even Matai couldn't touch. (daydreams running wild in my head right now... oohlala). It took me forever to find this place because I got lost. But I'm so glad I found it. Totally beats the Comfort Inn at the freeway exit.
So tonight i finished Vanessa. I'm drawing everyone and it's a lot fun. I really am turning my world into a cartoon. I love it.

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